5 Things I learned In India

Hey everyone!

Looking back on an amazing summer, I decided to compile a list of the most important lessons that I can take away from my summer.

  1. Smile


Aravind strives really hard to put hospitality back in hospital. Despite the hospital being overcrowded and cramped, the whole atmosphere is lively and cheerful. The sisters are always seen with a warm smile and a ready helping hand to guide the patients around the hospital grounds. They go out of their way to make the patients understand the treatment they need. They greet the patients to ensure that they have a pleasant experience. They want to make the process of getting healed as easy as possible. In our interviews, we encountered so many patients who had tons of praise for the Aravind doctors and staff. They appreciated the respectfulness of the sisters and the efficient medical care of the doctors. Something as simple as a smile can really make a huge difference.

  1. Hard work and Determination


A big reason for Aravind’s success is because of their hard work and determination of the doctors and officials. They never rest on their laurels – always striving to be better as individuals and as an organization. They love their job and are willing to work hard to be the best at delivering the kind of care that people need. Despite being one of the most successful eye hospitals in the world, Aravind continues to look for novel ways to improve their delivery of eye care and to increase their reach. Aravind devotes a lot of their resources into research and development. They are constantly looking to be on the cutting edge of eye care. This involves testing out new medical instruments, improving their infrastructure, and updating their medical systems.

  1. Strive To Make A Positive Change


Underneath all the glitz, glamour, chaos, and craziness of the Aravind Eye Care System is a sincere and genuine goal to eliminate needless blindness. Aravind lays its foundation on this mission. The genuine compassion and care for its patients sets it apart from other eye hospitals. This simple idea of making a positive impact has now bloomed into a huge eye care system that improves countless people’s lives daily. Aravind, through the guidance of Dr. V, never strayed from its mission. Aravind always places the best interests of their patients first. All the major decisions in the organization are made with the patients in mind. They always try and figure out ways to improve their delivery of care in order to continue fuelling positive change.

  1. How To Gain Superpowers


While in India, one of the biggest movies in the theatres was Man of Steel. Well Superman won’t be able to beat me because after 10 weeks of Indian cuisine, I think I have developed a stomach of steel. The food in India was very much like the country–never boring and always indescribable. Mystery food, as I would call it, was the dish of choice in the mess hall. I was not entirely sure of what its contents were. Every time I asked the cook what was in the mystery food they would answer me with the Tamil names for the ingredients. So I guess that the first bite for each dish is always a leap of faith. There were plenty of hits but I also had my fair share of misses. I guess one way to approach the Indian experience is like mystery food — leaps of faith. To really squeeze out the most out of India, you really have to go out of your comfort zone and take some risks.

  1. Seize The Day


India is one crazy place. Life and culture in India is so vibrant and colorful that it can be overwhelming for most people. The diversity within the country is also staggering. I found it so amazing that going an hour or two in any direction from Madurai would bring me to places where I would find it hard to believe that I’m still in the same country. I had an immensely satisfying traveling experience in India. I found that I had the most fun when we went on trips with minimal planning. It afforded the chance for us to really go with the flow, explore, and take in all the sights and sounds. Also, things aren’t always going to go as planned so adjusting and being flexible are all part of the experience. I always end up telling myself to seize the day, to make the most out of each opportunity, and to be thankful for each blessing. And when you’re in India, there’s definitely a lot for you to seize!

India was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget.


One thought on “5 Things I learned In India

  1. Congratulations! It seems like working with Aravind was a GREAT experience. We are working with Aravind to develop a model to Eliminate Needless Blindness in Mexico. It might be interesting for you to come to Mexico to see what we are doing and how we are doing it.

    Shoot me an email if you are interested. http://www.salauno.mx

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