Internet Problems

Hi all!

If you feel like the CHIRAG interns have been quite on the CASI blog it’s because our NGO has been without internet for a little over two weeks! We have been trying to upload our posts/pictures to the blog, but with no success. We have minimal access to internet through internet sticks and employee’s cell phone hotspots, but at most we can usually just open emails, not even reply or send emails back. (if this post goes through it will be a miracle!) Just wanted to keep everyone updated and know that as soon as internet is back we will be telling you all about our adventures!

While not being able to connect to the outside world is a sure problem it really allows us to observe how Chirag is able to function even without the basic necessities of a typical American company. If internet were down at a company in the states surely chaos would break out and minimal work would be completed, but here it is as if nothing major has happened. The only people who are annoyed by the problem are the foreign interns (us). For a little preview to our long awaited blog posts I will let you know that yesterday we were able to see the Himalayas because the sky was so clear! Apparently you are considered to have good luck if you get to see the mountains before the month of September. In the summer months the climate creates a hazy, overcast aura that does not allow for good site seeing, but yesterday after a couple of hours of rain the clouds cleared and there they were. Words cannot describe how magnificent the view is; it is truly sublime. (I hope that hooked you b/c I will surely be putting a picture of them in my next post 🙂


2 thoughts on “Internet Problems

  1. Hi again! NEVER GIVE UP ON THE HIMALAYAS!!! Find out the specific places where there is at least a chance of seeing them and keep putting yourself there. I think there is one such place in Kasialekh and in the early morning one day, some other interns saw them at like 6am. I got to see them a few times from Dewaldar. I didn’t know it meant good luck, but that sure is good to know!

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About Alexandra Iqbal

I am an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. This summer I am traveling to the northern region of India where I will be working for CHIRAG - The Central Himalayan Rural Action Group for 10 weeks. I will be working with micro finance and supply chain management of the fruit cooperatives in the region. I am looking forward to an exciting and cultural experience this summer! My journey in India starts on May 17th when I arrive in New Delhi.