Chirag Week 3!

3 weeks into the internship, and I daresay project chosen! I’ll be working on/editing a training module for health workers on awareness of women’s health issues (focusing on the issue of sexually transmitted disease).  It looks like we’ll be exploring the health camps set up by the local health workers over the next week, so I’m looking forward to getting onto the field!

As per usual, time is speeding by without a sound, I rarely remember what day of the week it is and definitely have lost track of the date. Fellow intern Jason has had this theory from the beginning about the way time will pass during this internship. The first week has felt like it lasted for around 2 weeks only because of how much we had to learn, exactly as he expected. As for the second half of the theory, that before we know it we’ll be on our last week of the internship, I suppose only time will tell! But, overused cliches aside, I’ve definitely learned how much can be done in a day (now if that could just be carried over to those moments of procrastination at Penn). Example? Example:

This past weekend, the four of us visited a local hill station known as Nainital with the help of a fellow intern who has family that lives there (see pictures below!). It was a great chance to see city life in the hills and of course the food. We indulged literally every meal- with paneer and daal dishes , butter naans, briyani, and dessert (for Nathalie’s birthday!). We shopped, especially at a local tibetan shop, and visited a local hindu temple, saw a gurudwara, and mosque nearby. Did I mention that this was all done on the same day we had taken to get to Nainital, brilliant time management skills!

Chillin at the lake in Nainital:

nainital lake

This was one of my favorite moments in the midst of our trip, the bubble man. And here I diverge:


In the tibetan market, I turned to look at the commotion in the center of the square, and there was the man shown in the picture creating bubbles of different sizes and shapes. Around him, a group of kids that were a part of the families busy scavenging for deals in the shops surrounding, were laughing, running around, standing still in awe of the size of some of the bubbles, and some of them lucky enough to be given a wand, were creating bubbles of their own. The contrast was interesting to see- between these kids actively enjoying each bubble-every moment, and the families “too old” to follow suit, who moved into the huddled shops, passing by these moments without seeing them, searching for purchasable moments.

Back in Chirag again, and it looks like we may need to go on a homestay for the next few days and I can’t wait!

Until the next blog post,


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About rshobana

Class of 2015. Majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior. Intern at Chirag in Simayal, Uttarakhand in summer 2013.