Stuck in the US

Hi All!

So, I’m the only CASI intern still in the US. Visa issues have not worked out as well as I would have liked, but hopefully I’ll get to leave next week. I haven’t had the greatest luck with consulates in the past, but Aparna and Professor Kapur have assured me that it’ll work out at some point, so here’s hoping for the best!

Gaby and Diana keep me in the loop as to the going ons at Aravind, and it makes me really excited to get there. They’re doing so much work, though, and it makes me feel like such a bum! It’s wonderful to read everyone’s blog posts and see all the beautiful pictures as well. The bright side of being home is that I get to see a lot of my friends who I wouldn’t have seen if I left when I originally wanted to. They drag me out to get a lot of frozen yogurt, and I spent Memorial Day weekend in New York eating and shopping. I’m going to keep this post relatively short since I’m not doing anything terribly exciting, but I’ll write a much longer post when I arrive. I wish everyone the best, and I hope to join the other interns soon!

If anyone needs anything from the States, let me know!


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About Doreen Chang

Class of 2015, double majoring in Economics and Biology. Intern at Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, Tamil Nadu in summer 2013. Currently a research assistant at the Center for Autism Research.