Bring it On

After many time zones, landscapes, horizons, and different languages, I’ve finally established myself in one wonderful location. Waking up to the mountains of the Himalayan region in Uttaranchal is more than I could’ve asked for. My name is Nathalie and I’m the last to arrive at Chirag.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, drinking black coffee, running through prairies of purple flowers, trying new food, and breaking it down on the dance floor with friends. Luckily, I’ve found hills upon hills of nature to explore and great friends to do it with on the other side of the world.

Before arriving in India, I lived a life of longing. I burned incense in my room, listened to Monsoon Wedding soundtrack on repeat, and immersed myself in Indian literature. I was one of those students who overexerted themselves at Sitar, an Indian buffet on campus, and who wore colorful summer clothes even during the winter. I’ve finally been able to begin my exploration of the endless facets that extend past these slivers of Indian culture in the United States in the country itself, India.

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