Our Last Days at SPS

Hello All,

Unfortunately I don’t have much time for a lengthy or well-thought out post. For the last week, Natalie and I have been spending the majority of our time doing lots of writing–report writing, not blog writing unfortunately. We both finished our interviews in the field and now are working on turning those into something. Its hard to believe that our internship is almost done! We’ve been going back and forth between the campus we stayed at all summer in Neemkheda and the executive campus in Jatashankar, 45 minutes away. Unfortunately the electricity situation made it too difficult to work in Neemkheda with two laptops barely functioning without a steady stream of power. In Jatashankar, we have been graciously welcomed and hosted by Ma and Baba whom we have grown very fond of.  Over meals, we never grow tired of their stories of themselves, of India, and of the history of the organization. On Friday, we fly to Kerala for about a week of vacation time before heading home. After reading Sindhu’s post, we are pretty pumped about our trip and are especially excited to get some summer heat (though maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon) as the rain has made it pretty cool here.

Wishing everyone a lot of success and luck in your remaining days at your internships and looking forward to seeing you back in Philadelphia!


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About Becky Havivi

Class of 2013, majored in Humanistic Philosophy. Intern at Samaj Pragati Sahayog in summer 2012. Currently working at a non-profit in NYC and pining to return to India