CASI Interns Spread the Word

Bodek Lounge opened its doors for the International Opportunities Fair on Tuesday and all the CASI Student Interns from Summer 2011 were there to represent! Looking forward to next year’s internships! The flyers should be posted on the CASI Student Programs page shortly. 
Sudeep at the table with all the new flyers (Keena on the screen)

Isabel and Sudeep talk about their summers with prospective applicants (Julie on the screen)

Prakirti, Isabel and Sudeep

Bhargavi, Abby and Sudeep

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About Aparna Wilder

Associate Director, CASI Student Programs and Outreach After graduating from Penn, Aparna spent six years living and working in India. She volunteered with Indicorps and started her own production house, global rickshaw, that makes short films in collaboration with NGOs and non-profit organizations. Aparna is a TED India Fellow and holds an MPA from Columbia University.