It has been exactly two weeks since I have left Madhya Pradesh. In that time frame, I took a few days to visit Mumbai, London, and finally come back to the States. Additionally, I have been able to spend a lot of time reflecting on my experiences (long plane rides do have their usefulness). Two weeks ago seems like a lifetime away.

Everyone is asking me about my summer. How was my internship? How was India? Did I like it? How do I even try to explain? Just saying "Oh, it was great" seems too shallow. I feel the need to give hour long speeches on the specific details of life and how it is so different and how it really touched me to experience something like this. But is anyone wiling to listen past the general points? I am stuck in this weird world where I want to share so much with everyone but also keep so many of the moments private because they are so meaningful to me. How do I make people understand what it was truly like? These are the dilemmas I am facing now. I feel that unless you have had a similar experience, you will never truly understand. And to be cliche, it was a life changing summer. I will never be the same. I never thought I would say those words but it is true.

One thing for sure, even with the frustrations and obstacles that occurred periodically, I do not regret the experience for a moment and if I had to do it all over again, I would. The good outweighs the bad. Plus, I really miss everyone. As I am slowly going through my 1000+ photos, I am smiling to myself as I relive various memories. The people who shared in my experience is what really made the difference.

Here's a link to my flickr account:
I am still in the process of uploading photos – so it's a bit of a mess right now.

Included are 3 photos:
A group photo on a field trip to Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
the "Queen's necklace" Mumbai
the London Eye, London


One thought on “Reflections

  1. oh man, i have felt the same way since getting back…this in-between land is a strange place, and avoiding people like i’ve been doing probably isn’t the best way to deal with it! hope the strangeness of being back in the states is becoming less strange!

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