As mentioned earlier, the area of Madhya Pradesh that Julie and I are staying is known as the drylands. Only with monsoons does the area get any water that will help with the crops. Until the monsoons arrive, the landscape is very barren due to the lack of water and extreme heat. Water scarcity is a big issue in this region. There is not enough water for drinking let alone for crops which is necessary for nutrition and income. The region is completely dependent on the monsoons. SPS started as an organization focusing on how to conserve water during the monsoon season in order for there to be water in other months. Julie and I went on a field trip to look at two water reservoirs – one just completed and one in progress – with the hopes that it'll contain the rain water for use in the months after monsoons end. This water will help irrigate the crops so the local farmers are able to harvest a 2nd crop that increase their personal food supplies as well as have more goods to sell on the market.

The pictures give you an idea of how dry it currently it. Everyone is counting down to the monsoons because apparently the heat will lessen and the whole area will turn into lush green scenery. I can not wait to see the transformation. As well see how much water the reservoirs manage to capture.

-Keena Kang


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