World Environment Day!

Today (June 5) was World Environment Day, and Chintan partnered with Select City Mall in Delhi to put on a 3 day long event in Celebration of the Environment. All weekend we've been working at the mall talking to people and having them sign pledges to avoid plastic bags, or turn of the lights when they leave a room etc… The pledges were written on stickers in the shape of leaves and the leaves were put on cardboard trees to display in the mall. We also potted basil plants with lots of children, and put on a pottery throwing demonstration. It was really a fun weekend, and Abby and I were able to get to know a lot of the people at work much better. There is also a new intern from Boston who has joined the office named Clara. Its been great having another girl from the US around, and we are all planning to go to the Taj Mahal together next weekend. I'm sure there will be lots of photos to share, but for now here are some from World Environment Day. 


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About Laura

Wharton Class of 2013 with concentrations in Business and Public Policy and Operations and Information Management. I was a 2011 CASI Intern at Chintan in New Delhi. Now I am an Economic Consultant at Berkeley Research Group in Washington, DC.