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Since 2007, the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) at the University of Pennsylvania has supported nearly 150 students! Welcome to the home base for CASI students and alumni to share their thoughts, reflections, and ongoing learnings about their internships, research projects, and travels in India and beyond.

I’m not sure why, but I have always found comfort in anonymity. In the U.S., I enjoy blending into my surroundings, just one person in a sea of others, each a little different but overall just another small piece of a much larger landscape. Maybe it is the introvert in me, but I have never […]

As my main project with Aravind’s eye bank wraps up, I think it’s time I blog about it. I have been hesitant to write about my actual work at the hospital because throughout much of my time working on the eye bank study, I was frustrated with my progress (or seemingly lack there of). While […]

A few weeks back I feel to the southern portion of India to spend the weekend with my fraternity big, Aaron, and his mom, Audrey, in Pondicherry. I left Delhi super excited to explore a new part of India with two of my best friends. Yes, both my friend and his mom are my best […]

Reflecting back on the first project I did at MMTC-PAMP, I feel accomplished and proud. My co-intern and I, Soomin, were assigned a project that focused on the analysis of over 200 operational risks at the firm. For this project we worked with two MMTC employees for approximately 5 weeks. The project began with us […]

Transportation in India is quite flexible. I was charmed when I first saw tut-tuts on the road. With only three wheels, no doors, and a handlebar instead of a wheel as a steering device, I was dubious with how nimble and swift this type of vehicle could be; but behold, it even overtook motorcycles! Most of […]

With only a few weeks remaining before my return home, I’m forced to think of what I love, and will miss about India. The food is amazing with spices and breads of all styles. Aravind is an eye-opening new image of healthcare. But these both pale in comparison of the adventures India offers me. With […]

As I briefly touched on in my last post, Aravind’s eye camps are held with the intention of reaching patients in need who would not otherwise seek out ophthalmology treatment themselves. Camps are sponsored by local organizations like Lions Club International, Rotary International, religious groups, banks, hospitals, community NGOs, and other social welfare clubs. They […]