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Since 2007, the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) at the University of Pennsylvania has supported over 125 students! Welcome to the home base for CASI students and alumni to share their thoughts, reflections, and ongoing learnings about their internships, research projects, and travels in India and beyond.

It’s been exactly two months since I’ve been back in the states. I have since found it unnervingly easy to fall back into my old routine here at Penn. I still go to bed around 2 am despite my resolve every morning to be in bed by midnight. I still frequent PAACH to nap in the back […]

I’m very excited to be writing my first blog post for CASI Student Programs after about three years. In the summer of 2012, Christina and Sam (my fellow Aravind summer interns) would sit on our beds in Madurai and agonize about our word structure and try and conceive hilarious puns for our blog posts. This time […]

This is where students gather every morning to recite a school pledge and say a prayer.

I’m approaching the three month mark and I haven’t really shared much of my experience with many people. I’ve been processing this change of environment before trying to convey it to others. I also get distracted by the things going on directly around me, like the chipmunks scaling flimsy branches outside my window or invitations […]

I’ve compared my work from this summer and last summer quite a bit throughout my blog posts. Last summer I worked for a non-profit organization in Honduras that initially worked to transplant families and individuals living in a riverbed slum to a safer environment with collectively built houses. They now build school infrastructures in poor […]

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The road I’ve traveled in the last 3 weeks since leaving India has been long and yet very short. The 16 hour flight from Delhi to New York felt unbearably long, but considering how many miles and time zones I traversed, it was hardly anything. I arrived home exhausted to the point of deliriousness, but […]


It’s been exactly a month since my last blog post and since I boarded a plane out of Bangalore and by now I’m fully acclimated to life back in America. It’s hard for me to be sad about being home, especially when it means eating American food and seeing everyone I missed all summer, and […]