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Since 2007, the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) at the University of Pennsylvania has supported over 125 students! Welcome to the home base for CASI students and alumni to share their thoughts, reflections, and ongoing learnings about their internships, research projects, and travels in India and beyond.

Hello everyone! Even before I left for India on the Sobti Fellowship, I knew that I wanted to share some of my experiences through a podcast. I’d been listening to a lot of podcasts in the weeks leading up to my departure (the usual suspects – This American Life, RadioLab). And now in India, when […]

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By now you may have heard of Passport to India, a U.S. Department of State initiative to encourage and enable young Americans to study and intern in India. Founded by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it is a sister program to the mobility initiatives 100 Thousand Strong to China and 100 Thousand Strong in […]

Priya is one of the most inspiring and hard working individuals I have ever met. CASI 2016 interns will surely love her!

It is difficult to think about summers in India when the blistery cold of east coast winter sets in! Around November, I start to feel a bit disconnected from my work and get caught up in looking at a calendar instead of people. But the number one reason I love my job is because I get to work with […]

To think that I am almost halfway through the Sobti Fellowship is a pretty startling thought. If that is the case, then by now, should I not have at least half a clue as to what I’m doing in India and what this experience means for me? In terms of the actual work that I […]


It takes me approximately two minutes to get ready in the morning 00:00-00:30 – “what is clean and matching?” [flurry of options thrown on my bed] 00:30-00:40 – “can I get away without ironing?” [exchange top and bottom pieces until I can] 00:40-01:00 – “did I wear the same thing last week to a meeting with the same […]


After three movies, some concentrated reading, and a few hours of stolen sleep – I’m confident I understand what it feels like to be a sleep deprived Penn undergrad again! While I’m far too old to pull all nighters I somehow always manage to make this one work. India here I come! From 35,000 feet […]

These past two months have been great and strange and weird and comforting. Chennai’s heat was rough. It was difficult for me to find rhythm and routine in the theatre world because I didn’t know a whole deal of people. But with time came contacts, and with those contacts came more contacts and suddenly I […]